Education At Lemuria Aesthetics

At Lemuria Aesthetics we are proud to share our passions for the hair and aesthetics industry, offering an extensive range of their sought-after education courses led by the award-winning Lemuria Aesthetics artistic team.

These courses that we offer at Lemuria Aesthetics not only teach you the skills necessary for the job but we also like to help you how to market your material so you can make a profit when you leave!

We help our students realise their own artistic abilities so they can unlock their master protentional in the field of work that you choose to be in.

Why Choose Lemuria Aesthetics Academy

Choosing a Lemuria Aesthetics education offers the opportunity to undertake a personal journey of growth by learning from those who are part of an award-winning team and who have extensive knowledge across all facets of the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry.

Lemuria Aesthetics educators have delivered education classes across many different cultures, connecting with people in the industry internationally by sharing technical skills that inspire and motivate while helping course attendees understand the why of how to achieve the end result. All of our courses are insured, approved and recognised by awarding bodies.

Courses that we currently offer

Microblading beginners

Permanent makeup for beginners





Courses coming soon

Eyelash Lifts

Eyebrow tint and shape

Chemical peels

Micro needling

Eyebrow Lamination